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American Amateur Mixed Martial Arts


Results for American Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (Gulf Coast Fight Fest 6) held at 1621 Dog Track Rd on February 26, 2011

Boxing Match (Match 1): Gage Thomas Team PBA/MMA vs Joshua Rutgers, Jr Team Deadgame Tallahassee

                      Winner: Joshua Rutgers, Jr


Boxing Match (Match 2): Saben Cura Team Backyard Boxing vs. Darin Redick Team Shadowbox

                      Winner Saben Cura


Boxing Match (Match 3): Chad Mercer Team Ultimate Boxing vs. CJ Downs Team PBA/MMA

                      Winner: Chad Mercer


Boxing Match (Match 4): Gage Gill Team PBA/MMA vs. John Murphy Team Backyard Boxing

                      Winner: John Murphy


Boxing Match (Match 5): William Faucett Team PBA/MMA vs. Dakota Murphy Team PBA/MMA

                      Winner: William Faucett


Boxing Match (Match 6): Rashawn Stallworth Team PBA/MMA vs. Colin Tomlinson Team PBA/MMA

                      Winner: Rashawn Stallworth


Jr. MMA Match (Match 7): Blake Nichols Team PBA/MMA vs. Edward James Team Quattrone MMA

                        Winner: Edward James


Boxing Match (Match 8): Tyler Dew Team PBA/MMA vs. Jarred McConnell Team Wand Fight Team

                      Winner: Tyler Dew


MMA Match (Match 9): Kody Downs Team PBA/MMA vs. Edwin Ladley Team Two Raw MMA

                    Winner: Kody Downs


Kickboxing Match (Match 10): Winston Hull Team Deadgame Tallahassee vs Marco Kirts (Unattached)

                            Winner: Winston Hull


MMA Match (Match 11): Gabe Hanson Team Wand Fight Team vs. Dan Siemen Team PBA/MMA

                    Winner: Gabe Hanson


Boxing Match (Match 12): Bud Faucett Team PBA/MMA vs. Tyrone Rudolph Team Shadowbox

                      Winner: Tyrone Rudolph


MMA Match (Match 13): Martin Downs Team PBA/MMA vs. Caleb Kegler Team Panhandle Combat

                    Winner: Martin Downs


Boxing Match (Match 14): Kevin Harasin Team Panhandle Combat vs. Adam Revell Team Deadgame Tallahassee

                      Winner: Kevin Harasin


MMA Match (Match 15): Frank Ortiz Team Ludus MMA vs. Jesse Montana Team PBA/MMA

                    Winner: Frank Ortiz


MMA Match (Match 16): Bryan Minchew Team PBA/MMA vs. Josh Thompson Team Two Raw MMA

                    Winner: Bryan Minchew


Boxing Match (Match 17): Clifton Josey Team PBA/MMA vs. Gabe Jernigan Team Backyard Boxing

                      Winner: Clifton Josey


MMA Match: (Match 18): Jacob Brunelle Team JD Fight Systems vs. Brian Smith Team PBA/MMA

                     Winner: Brian Smith


MMA Match (Match 19): Jack Schaffer Team Quattrone MMA vs. Coti Miller Team PBA/MMA

                    Winner: Coti Miller


MMA Match (Match 20): Chris Beren Team PBA/MMA vs. Jamie Delarose Team Band of Brothers

                    Winner: Chris Beren


MMA Match (Match 21): Rance Jones Team Bad Company vs. Josh Sullivan Team Quattrone MMA

                    Winner: Rance Jones


Kickboxing Match (Match 22): Steven Williams Team Deadgame Tallahassee vs. Lucas Boyd Unattached

                            Winner: Steven Williams


MMA Match (Match 23): Ty Evans Team Wand Fight Team vs. David Kimmons Team PBA/MMA

                    Winner: Ty Evans


Boxing Match (Match 24): Marshall Bell Team Deadgame Tallahassee vs. Courtney Blocker Team Shadowbox

                      Winner: Marshall Bell


MMA Match (Match 25): Bobby Lee Team Panhandle Combat vs. Michael Roberts Team PBA/MMA

                    Winner: Michael Roberts


MMA Match (Match 26): John Williamson Team PBA/MMA vs Tommy Dellinger Unattached

                    Winner: John Williamson


MMA Match (Match 27): Graham Tolbert Team Ultimate Boxing vs. Donald Tharpe, Jr Team Bad Company

                    Winner: Donald Tharpe, Jr


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