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GCFF III Results

September 5, 2009

(B = Boxing match, KB = Kickboxing match)

B: Devin Parnell (RightCross Boxing, Navarre) def. Andrew Moorer (PBA/MMA, Pensacola)

B: Saben Cura (Backyard Boxing, Pensacola) def. Christian Royal (Gulf Beach Fitness, Pensacola)

B: Collin Acromite (PBA/MMA) def. Nick Colangelo (White Tornado Gym) by TKO *Best Junior Fight of the Night

B: Brandon Stanford (Gulf Beach) def. Bronson Parker (unattached)

B: Matthew Matlock (Backyard) def. Alonzo Calvillo (Southside Boxing Academy, Mobile, Al)

B: Kathy Mason (Ringwork Boxing, Panama City) def. Alice Downs (PBA/MMA)

B: Trevor Clark (Shadow Box/Escambia PAL, Pensacola) def. John Pendleton II (PBA/MMA) *John was awarded the Outstanding Junior Fighter trophy for his sportsmanship

KB: Tyler Patrick (The Academy of Mixed Martial Arts, Ocean Springs, MS) def. Dustin Nelson (Guy Bostic's Kickboxing, Pace, Fl)

B: Kevin Clements (Backyard) def. Perez Ransom (Southside)

B: Kenny McCants (RightCross) def. Santiago Carrion (Gulf Beach)

B: Chris Olcott (PBA/MMA) def. Carlos Davis (Southside)

KB: Martin Downs (PBA/MMA) def. Jordan Thrash (Hub City Boxing, Hattiesburg, MS) by TKO

B: Devin Colvin (Gulf Beach) def. Dominic Jones (PBA/MMA)

KB: Kody Downs (PBA/MMA) def. TJ Smith (Alpha Gym, Atlanta, Ga) by KO

B: Elrik Mabire (Guy Bostic) def. Christian Colvin (Gulf Beach)

B: Jantz Bullock (unattached) def. Clifton Josey (PBA/MMA) by KO

B: Justin Lassiter (PBA/MMA) def. Thien Nguyen (Ringwork)

B: Jeff Wagner (PBA/MMA) def. Herbert Marthis (RightCross) by TKO

KB: Kody Downs (PBA/MMA) def. Chris Smith (Cooks Gym, MS) by TKO *Kody was awarded the Outstanding Fighter of the Night trophy for his awesome performance in not only 1, but 2 fights

B: Jesse Montana (PBA/MMA) def. Cody White (Gulf Beach) *Both fighters received the Outstanding Fight of the Night trophy for an incredibly hard fought bout

B: Robert Williams, Jr. (Backyard) def. Kelsey Plummer (Alpha) by KO

KB: Brian Smith (PBA/MMA) def. Brandon Putnam (Guy Bostic) by TKO

B: Chris Spencer (PBA/MMA) def. Michael Capps (unattached)

B: Champ Moultrie (Gulf Beach) def. Mark Bushey (RightCross)

KB: Jerome Thames (unattached) def. Chris Beren (PBA/MMA)

B: Donald Clark, Jr. (Shadow Box) def. Charlie Roberson (Ringwork)

B: Travis Gerkin (Ringwork) def. Frank Busby (unattached) by TKO

B: Edwin Castillo (Ringwork) def. Courtney Blocker (Shadow Box)

B: Nathan Manley (unattached) def. Carlos Ramos (Gulf Beach)

B: Brian Mungya (Southside) def. Richard Howard (unattached)

B: Dion Tucker (Shadow Box) def. Linsey Pettry (unattached)

*Special Congratulations to Backyard Boxing Team for your Outstanding Team performance in going undefeated.

Thanks and Congratulations to all of the fighters and coaches who participated in the show, yet another successful event.

Thank you again to all of our sponsors: Downs Plumbing, Big Rhino Screenprinting, Spivey & Sons Plumbing, ServPro, Walmart #1222 Hwy 29, Max Muscle, Ron Monell, KC & J Enterprises, American Leak Detection, Larry Downs, Jr. Plumbing. We couldn't do it without your support.

Special Thanks to Terry Chizek for donating trophies and to American Awards for all of your hard work on our trophies, medals, and belts.




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